October 5th – 7th, 2018 | Hilton Anaheim, CA

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Are you ready to join hundreds of health enthusiasts from all around the world for the 5th annual Women’s Wellness Conference™?

We are gathering together the most cutting-edge visionaries in women’s health to explore critical mind and body topics including hormone balance ~ anti-aging ~ nutrition ~ beauty ~ gut health ~ conscious relationships ~ mind/body connection ~ thyroid health ~ metabolic function ~ weight management ~ overcoming stress ~ immune system function ~ adrenal health ~ detoxification ~ and so much more!

October 5th – 7th, 2018 | Hilton Anaheim, CA

Are you ready to join hundreds of health enthusiasts from all around the world for the 5th annual Women’s Wellness Conference™?

We are gathering together the most cutting-edge visionaries in women’s health to explore critical mind and body topics including hormone balance, anti-aging, nutrition, beauty, gut health, conscious relationships, mind/body connection, thyroid health, metabolic function, weight management, overcoming stress, immune system function, adrenal health, detoxification, and so much more!

World-Renowned Expert Speakers

The Women’s Wellness Conference™ is excited to welcome the following visionaries to the stage:

Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and lecturer, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Bruce was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, the Updated 10th Anniversary edition is now available, and author of The Honeymoon Effect, and co-author with Steve Bhaerman of Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce received the 2009 prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) in honor of his scientific contribution to world harmony.

Vani Hari, The Food Babe

Vani Hari is a revolutionary food activist, a New York Times best selling author, and was named one of the “Most Influential People On The Internet” by Time Magazine in 2015. Hari started FoodBabe. com in April 2011 to spread information about what is really in the American food supply. She teaches people how to make the right purchasing decisions at the grocery store, how to live an organic lifestyle, and how to travel healthfully around the world. The success of her writing and investigative work can be seen in the way food companies react to her uncanny ability to find and expose the truth. Hari has influenced how major food giants like Kraft, Subway, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks create their products, steering them towards more healthful policies.

Nadine Artemis

Nadine Artemis is a gifted aromacologist and visionary who gathers and works with the purest ingredients and intelligence embodied in plant juice. Nadine seeks to inspire people to rethink the traditional concept of beauty with her paradigm of “Renegade Beauty”. A key speaker at conferences and television interviews, Nadine has received glowing reviews for her work in the Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, and National Post. Through her company, Living Libations™, she offers beauty products that bring out the strength of the botanicals without relying on synthetics. By drawing on her gift of synesthesia, with which scent is depicted as living color, Nadine is able to tap into the purest plant essences, enabling her to create the most sublime botanical compounds.

Rebecca Gauthier

Rebecca Gauthier is the creator, director, emcee, and speaker at both the Women’s Wellness Conference™ and The Longevity Now® Conference events where millions of people for over a decade have learned the latest in cutting-edge alternative health information.

She has shared the stage with top health visionaries including Dr. Daniel Amen, John Robbins, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carolyn Myss, and Marianne Williamson.

Rebecca is the co-creator and writer of several successful books and DVD health programs and is the co-founder of www.LongevityWarehouse.com. She recently completed working on The Beauty Diet book with HarperOne in April.

More to Be Announced!

Connection. Growth. Laughter.

Join us as we transform our minds, hearts, and bodies with information, community, and movement at the 5th annual Women’s Wellness Conference™!

Outstanding Speakers

We’re bringing together the most phenomenal group of educators on the planet to inspire and motivate you in the fields of science, spirituality, movement, nutrition, healthy aging, and total body health.

Three Inspiring Days

Spend three life-changing days listening to incredible information, meeting exhibitors, trying out new technologies, and enjoying the delicious superfood creations at the Longevity Tonic Bar™.


Thousands of people with similar interests share space for one weekend a year. Connect with others who are on a like-minded journey and make friendships that will last long after the conference ends.

Conference Activities

In between the presentations, the conference offers you the following unique opportunities to mingle with other attendees and with the speakers:

The Longevity Tonic Bar™

The Women’s Wellness Conference™ features a state-of-the-art Longevity Tonic Bar™ where elixir masterminds share their most coveted secret concoctions for creating refreshing tonics and nourishing elixirs using powerful superfoods and superherbs.

Densely packed with nutrients and adaptogens, the many unique offerings are designed to help balance your body’s systems, boost your energy, and support optimal health as you spend three days learning more information than you ever thought possible.

Book Signings

In between the presentations, your favorite speakers will be sitting down to sign copies of their books.

Get up close and personal, say hello, and have your book signed!

You may bring your own copy of the speaker’s books with you, or you will have the chance to buy their books at the conference.

More to Be Announced!

Conference Services & Exhibitors

 Many of the opportunities offered by the companies attending the conference will not be found anywhere else in the world. Speak one-on-one with the owners of these companies, sample their products, and bring home exactly what items are best for YOU.


The Women’s Wellness Conference™ heralds a select group of companies to make their services available to you, enhancing your conference experience through hands on activities.


Each exhibitor on our floor has been hand-picked to ensure that you will have access to the most unique, high-vibe, high-integrity, healthy, conscious, and eco-friendly products on the planet.

Conference Location

Hilton Anaheim

777 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

We highly encourage you to stay on site in order to get the most out of the event. Rooms sell out quickly and Early Bird room pricing beginning at $149/night will not last. When this room block is gone, the rates will go up.

Your reservation includes free WiFi and 50% off parking.

Testimonial #1

Every once in a while a woman’s gotta step out from behind her computer screen and feel the electricity of a crowd of women who are ready to light their lives on fire!! This conference brings the best and brightest speakers together from across the continent for the premier women’s health event of the year! It’s the place to be for any woman looking to re-ignite her commitment to better health and improved self-confidence!

– Tera Warner

Testimonial #2

What a superb honor to be speakers at the conference. The presenters were motivating, the exhibits health-enhancing, and the audience was interactive and health conscious. It was a great combination of social fun and health education. Thank you!

– Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, RN

Testimonial #3

I loved speaking at the Woman’s Wellness Conference™! It is a stupendous event packed with great speakers, amazing information, and positive energy!

– Judith Orloff, MD

Testimonial #4

The Women’s Wellness Conference™ is a weekend of intellectual stimulation rounded out with sunshine and smiles. I love participating in this gathering of awesome women and leading-edge health experts. It is a phenomenal event!

– Nadine Artemis


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