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The Women’s Wellness Conference® champions a select group of exhibitors whose products contribute to the superior health and well-being of others, enhance peak performance, and are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

Create a New Lifestyle

Exhibitors display a wide range of products such as organic, raw, and vegan foods; organic herbs, teas, and supplements; natural living products; longevity technologies; media selections; and eco-friendly clothing. Speak one-on-one with the owners of these amazing companies, sample their products, and bring home exactly what items are best for YOU.

“One of my favorite parts about the Women’s Wellness Conference® is being able to visit all of the exhibitors and finding exciting new wellness products to incorporate into my life when I get home.”

– Laura, Conference Participant

2018 Exhibitors

Longevity Warehouse®

Offering heirloom, non-GMO, organic/wildcrafted, nutrient-dense products from sources that honor the farms, forest, and land, Longevity Warehouse® is dedicated to offering only the most amazing superfoods, superherbs, and other natural products on the planet.

Longevity Soda™

Longevity Soda™ LOOKS and TASTES just like your favorite deliciously sweet soda….except it’s made with 100% organic ingredients and ZERO sugar! Enjoy the flavor of your favorite soft drinks but with immune-supporting tonic herbs rather than high-fructose corn syrup, chemicals, and preservatives. Soda has NEVER been so good for you!

Longevity Coffee®

Longevity Coffee® is the world’s healthiest coffee™! Our beans arrive from small, certified organic, family-run farms from high altitude areas boasting rich soil and natural water sources. The beans are hand-picked and hand-sorted at the peak of ripeness to maintain their nutritive strength. Utilizing our unique, energy-efficient, chemical-free roasting process, we produce toxin-free, low acid coffee that rivals the flavor of the most expensive gourmet coffee on the market.

Living Libations

Free from artificial and synthetic colors, preservatives, fragrances, and petrochemicals, every component of our Libations is a fully potent, active ingredient. The nectar of plants is an ever-offering gift that magnifies beauty.

EMF Solutions

Get rid of the biggest physical stress on your body! Have total peace of mind after simple remediation of the gigantic epidemic of EMF radiation in our modern world. EMF Solutions has products to remediate homes, business, buildings, as well as cell phones, laptops, wifi and other tech devices. We get testimonies over 2/3 of the time such as more energy, better sleep, no headaches, and much more.

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeeper’s Naturals is a natural health product company focused on innovative and sustainable natural health products made with superfoods from the hive. Our products are sustainably sourced and formulated to provide effective natural solutions to modern health problems and to maximize performance. We are also dedicated to raising awareness and funding to help save the bees, an issue of critical importance to our environment and food supply. From nootropics to immune boosters to our hive superfood energy blend, our products are made with the highest quality plant based ingredients to help you thrive.

Just Thrive® Probiotic

Just Thrive® Probiotic is a spore form pharmaceutical-grade probiotic supplement that contains Bacillus Indicus HU36™, a patented probiotic strain that produces antioxidants in the gut. The strains in Just Thrive® were the subject of a groundbreaking published study on leaky gut, demonstrating incomparable effects of our proprietary bacillus, multi-spore formulation on the gut, its structure, function and its connection to the immune system and brain. Our approach to gut health replaces the outdated approach of “reseeding” the gut to “reconditioning” the gut, favoring the growth of good bacteria and strengthening whole body health and immunity.  Its specialized spore-based bacilli formulation guarantees the survivability of the probiotics through the stomach and upper digestive system. It not only provides digestive and immune support, but also delivers antioxidants to the GI tract.

Addictive Wellness

Addictive Wellness makes a delicious line of Raw Chocolates and Elixir Blends that are sugar-free, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly. Each of these creations incorporates formulations of the purest and most potent Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs for specific functions. The goal is to empower and help you to make the healthiest choices without draining your will power.


The PyraLight pad creates a healing superpulsed magnetic field and Infra Red light at Delta 2Hz, Schumann 8Hz, and Gamma 40Hz frequencies. The six 3W 850nm LEDs penetrate about 6cm into the body. The superpulsing of light and magnetics make them ten times or more stronger to the body while keeping the infrared heat comfortable.  These pulsed fields allow stressed areas of body to start to self heal. Placing a glass of water on the pad for 5 minutes or longer structures the water, and you can feel the greater softness of the structured water compared with the original water. The PyraLight pad therefore structures the water deep inside your body. Cells can only absorb structured water through the channel proteins of the cell membrane. The pad also interferes with, and therefore reduces, radio frequency EMFs from phones and WiFi in your environment.

Integrated Bliss

Integrated Bliss… Jewelry to rock your mind, body and spirit. Chakra inspired malas, bracelets and more handmade in Los Angeles.

Four Sigmatic®

Four Sigmatic is an American superfood company founded by a group of Finnish friends. It is based on their belief that health can be vastly improved through simple dietary tweaks. The easiest way to do this? Mushrooms, the most scientifically studied and proven superfood. Four Sigmatic wants to popularize medicinal mushrooms by incorporating them in popular products like coffee and hot cocoa.


Natural Meets Luxurious: We at Schizandu Organics are committed to bringing you the highest quality WILDCRAFTED and ORGANIC products so that you can be confident that you are not only AVOIDING chemicals but also giving your body the NOURISHMENT it needs. Perfectionism has always been our “thing” and while we know we will not be able to satisfy everyone, we certainly try hard! We strive to make every person who is interested in using only the PUREST products the happiest customer.

Living Intentions

At Living Intentions, our mission is to change the way people think about nutrition by creating ACTIVATED superfood meals and snacks that are delicious, nutritious and available everywhere. Activated is an outlook, a way of being, and a mantra for intentionally shifting life into higher gear. That’s why we make incredibly flavorful snacks with real, nutritionally-dense, activated foods.

Quicksilver Scientific

Our birth right is full wellness and dynamic energy, in a bright state of being. Toxins create disruptions that impair mind and body function. In order to combat this universal toxicity, and to restore a balanced system, Quicksilver Scientific® has pioneered a complete solution including testing that identifies your toxicity levels, protocols that effectively detoxify your body, and a pharmacy of premium supplements that help you reach optimal health. Our philosophy is rooted in our desire to give you the tools to maintain lifelong mind and body health.

More Exhibitors to be Announced Soon!