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The Women’s Wellness Conference® features top visionaries in the health and wellness industry. Sneak a peek at past presentations and get excited to absorb the latest, cutting-edge information!

Nadine Artemis

In the age of industrial cosmetics, our skin has never been more unhealthy and we have never aged more rapidly.

Discover the beauty secret that you can’t buy in a store and bring back youthful resilient skin in this very special video presentation by beauty expert, Nadine Artemis.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Have you ever wondered what your body does when you fall in love?

Discover the science of romance in this fascinating look at love, relationships, and human biology with Dr. Bruce Lipton. Learn why being in love makes you healthier and discover why human biology drives us to seek the ideal romantic partner.

Donna Gates

Estrogen dominance is occurring more frequently and starting earlier than ever before, especially for women. This is due to an increase in high-carb diets and xenoestrogens in our environment.

Join health expert Donna Gates and learn why women are struggling more than ever to balance their hormones and discover some of the best foods to eat for natural hormone balancing. Find out why having genetic testing might be a key strategy for keeping your hormones balanced and learning what your body needs for optimal health.

Vani Hari

As a healthy food advocate and warrior for transparency and change within the food industry, Vani has forced some of the largest food companies in the world to change both their ingredients and the way they do business.

In this video, learn why eating gluten-free requires education about the ingredients used to replace wheat. Discover the questionable tricks food companies use to keep you buying gluten-free foods filled with substandard ingredients that cause your waistline to bulge – and learn what you can eat instead.

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