Best Day Ever Webcast






Back by popular demand, we are making available a special LIVE STREAMING broadcast of the entire Women’s Wellness Conference™, October 9th – 11th, giving you complete access to three jam-packed days of cutting-edge insights into critical health topics including: hormone balance, anti-aging, nutrition, beauty, gut health, conscious relationships, mind/body connection, thyroid health, metabolic function, weight management, overcoming stress, immune system function, adrenal health, detoxification, and much, much more!

Enjoy the conference from the comfort of your own home on your computer, laptop, iPad, or favorite mobile device!

Chat with people online during the conference weekend from all around the world who care as deeply about their personal health as you do, and make friendships and connections to carry with you for a lifetime.

 But what if you can’t watch the entire LIVE conference during the weekend?


Don’t miss YOUR chance to spend three very special days with some of the most brilliant and innovative health experts in the world as they share life-changing information that will help YOU take YOUR health to the next level.



David Wolfe

In addition to hosting duties, I’ll be taking the stage for three presentations throughout the weekend to share my most recent research in the areas of cleansing & detoxification, immunological function & strength, and self-care & beauty.

    • Full spectrum detox systems for body, mind, and spirit, including herbal cleansing, technologies, and strategies for clean living.

    • The dangerous additives and questionable science of pharmaceuticals, how our immunological strength is being compromised, and what we can do to rebuild, repair, and restore the well-being of our body.

    • Self-care and self-love unite to create a beauty protocol that will make you glowing and radiant from the inside out!

Caroline Myss

Five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition, Caroline Myss discusses the essential wisdom for healing.

    • Cut through the myths and hype about healing to learn why some people heal while other people don’t.

    • Organic food is only part of the healing puzzle; discover the other pieces that are critical to creating long-term health.

    • The importance of having both a spiritual life and spiritual path.

Marianne Williamson

Internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and thought leader, Marianne Williamson discusses the modern woman’s longing to honor both the Athena and Aphrodite goddesses within to ultimately succeed at the hero’s journey of balancing work and love.

    • Receive the blessing of love and make peace with yourself to blend your worldly and romantic desires harmoniously and synergistically.

    • Seek and find a more enlightened, holistic feminism within yourself to honor, cultivate, and converge the woman, goddess, and lover within.

    • Align masculine and feminine, power and vulnerability, within the sacred temple of your heart allowing these selves to coexist in one harmonious space.

Vani Hari

Revolutionary food activist and author Vani Hari, “The Food Babe”, delves into the importance of eating nourishing, organic foods at every meal while supporting companies that have the highest ethical standards.

    • Why eating organic matters and how it can change the food industry.

    • How to avoid diet pitfalls and know which way of eating is best for you.

    • How you can stay within TSA guidelines and still eat organic, GMO free foods while traveling.

    • Dealing with haters to keep up the confidence in what you are doing for your health and healing journey.

Robyn O’Brien

Called “food’s Erin Brockovich” by the New York Times and Bloomberg, creator of the AllergyKids Foundation, author and health lecturer Robyn O’Brien shares her message about having the courage to stand up and change injustices brought into your life and awareness.

    • The real truths of why we all need to eat organic foods and work towards building a better food system.

    • Creating and cultivating the courage to realize we can’t change the beginning of our stories, but we can change the end.

    • Speaking our truth can be challenging and sometimes painful, but stepping into it can cause real and lasting change on more than just a personal level.

Alan Christianson, NMD

Naturopathic Medical Doctor specializing in natural endocrinology and creator of The Adrenal Reset Diet, Dr. Alan Christianson discusses the thyroid as your key to better hair, weight, and energy.

    • Thyroid disease and the hidden side of menopause.

    • How women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond should care for and feed their thyroid through food.

    • Prevent thyroid suppression and learn the bigger picture of how the thyroid fits in the creation of overall body health and longevity.

Sara Gottfried, MD

Harvard-trained Integrative Physician and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried reveals the three lies women tell themselves about why they can’t have the body they want and the three revelations that change it all.

    • The sneaky ways that environmental toxins may be holding you back from the body, health, and mind that you most want.

    • How to upgrade your detoxification and get back home in your body again.

    • Why food and exercise is only part of the equation when it comes to stubborn fat loss and accelerated aging, and the most common cognitive distortions that women unwittingly use to limit their health and wellness.

Nadine Artemis

Gifted aromacologist and visionary for renegade beauty and dental health, Nadine Artemis discusses the importance of the microbiome, the role it plays in making radiant skin and healthy bodies, and the many things we do in the name of beauty that disrupts the microbiome’s equilibrium.

    • Explore the wild life of beautiful skin and be introduced to your microscopic team of beauty experts.

    • A simple, three step, anti-aging protocol to provide lasting beauty: Stop, Seal, and Seed.

    • How to successfully fight wrinkles and other protocols to address acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema and wrinkles.

David Villarreal

David Villarreal, DDS, Hal Huggins trained Biological & Cosmetic Dentist and founder of his own line of natural tooth care products, Dr. David Villarreal, discusses whether your dentist is doing more harm than good when it comes to the dental procedures being recommended for your mouth and how they correlate to your long-term health.

    • Learn the compelling research that demonstrates the link between breast cancer and root canals.

    • Hear about the fatal flaws in modern dental practices that open the door to infections and a compromised immune system.

    • Discover how the food you eat is the single biggest factor for healthy teeth and gums

pedram shojai

Pedram Shojai, OMD

Founder of Well.Org and one of the most influential people in health and green media today, Dr. Pedram Shojai takes the stage to discuss everyday spirituality and the importance of finding time in your day to nourish your soul.

    • The challenges of modern life and daily hacks that can help you make better food choices and get more sleep.

    • How to establish positive self-talk, schedule your day in a way that allows you time for yourself, and find your true path here and now.

    • Discover the essence of meditation and how to use it to scan your mind for negative memes, embed positive ones, and drop into your heart space.