“What a superb honor to be speakers at the conference.  The presenters were motivating, the exhibits health-enhancing, and the audience was interactive and health conscious.  It was a great combination of social fun and health education. Thank you!”

~ Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, RN


“I loved speaking at the Woman’s Wellness Conference™! It is a stupendous event packed with great speakers, amazing information, and positive energy!”

~ Judith Orloff M.D.



“Until recently, I have only known and honored David Wolfe for his contributions to planetary health from afar. My first personal connection with David at the Women’s Wellness Conference™ in Los Angeles was a truly energizing and enlightening experience. David’s abundant energy, pure heart and integrity revealed him to be a true humanitarian driven by his pure intention to uplift life on this beautiful planet. As a conference presenter, I was further honored to engage with his enthusiastic community of cultural creatives collectively working together to help our world evolve.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.




  “Every once in a while a woman’s gotta step out from behind her computer screen and feel the electricity of a crowd of women who are ready to light their lives on fire!! The Women’s Wellness Conference™ brings the best and brightest speakers together from across the continent for the premier women’s health event of the year! It’s the place to be for any woman looking to re-ignite her commitment to better health and improved self-confidence!!”

~ Tera Warner




”The Women’s Wellness Conference™ is a weekend of intellectual stimulation rounded out with sunshine and smiles. I love participating in this gathering of awesome women and leading edge health experts. It is a phenomenal event!”

– Nadine Artemis






“I attended David Wolfe’s Women’s Wellness Conference™ last year and was blown away by all that I learned and also by the brilliant people I met! I’ve been to other Longevity Now® Conferences and really enjoyed them as well, however, there was something about the intimate space and specific subject matter, that was completely relevant to me, that allowed me to fully engage and actively participate. I was able to connect with a few of the speakers and even met some new friends. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of attending!”

~ Jessica Carter


“Words cannot express how valuable the conference was. I learned so much about myself and how to take better care of my family and I. I cannot wait for the next round! – Anonymous



“My daughter & I attended the ’13 Women’s Wellness Conference™. It was fun, educational & empowering. It was so awesome we’re attending again this year! Best of the Best Ever presenters! :)”

– HerbEnthusiast