Event Sponsors


The Women’s Wellness Conference® is honored to have the financial support of the below businesses. Without these outstanding companies, we couldn’t provide you with the superior level of event you have come to expect from the Women’s Wellness Conference®!

Longevity Warehouse®

Offering heirloom, non-GMO, organic/wildcrafted, nutrient-dense products from sources that honor the farms, forest, and land, Longevity Warehouse® is dedicated to offering only the most amazing superfoods, superherbs, and other natural products on the planet.

Longevity Soda™

Longevity Soda™ LOOKS and TASTES just like your favorite deliciously sweet soda….except it’s made with 100% organic ingredients and ZERO sugar! Enjoy the flavor of your favorite soft drinks but with immune-supporting tonic herbs rather than high-fructose corn syrup, chemicals, and preservatives. Soda has NEVER been so good for you!

Longevity Coffee®

Longevity Coffee® is the world’s healthiest coffee™! Our beans arrive from small, certified organic, family-run farms from high altitude areas boasting rich soil and natural water sources. The beans are hand-picked and hand-sorted at the peak of ripeness to maintain their nutritive strength. Utilizing our unique, energy-efficient, chemical-free roasting process, we produce toxin-free, low acid coffee that rivals the flavor of the most expensive gourmet coffee on the market.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for the conference? Please contact us to discuss your options!